I don’t give a damn ’bout my bad reputation

April 12, 2010

Joan Jett:

as always if you need a different size let me know.


I am The Lizard King!

April 2, 2010

Jim Morrison:

enjoy! lemme know if you need a different size 🙂

I’m back!!

February 27, 2010

so yeah it’s been quite a while :-/ but I am back and have some new wallpapers! 🙂

Remember Me:

made this one for my friend Shelly 🙂

Kellan Lutz:

enjoy! and as always if you need a different size I will happy to resize it for you

I also have some new Twilight/New Moon ones that I will post later.

Rob – Remember Me

August 20, 2009

finally! not only did I have to find all my pictures again I had to download a million fonts too :-\

Remember Me

as always if you need a different size, let me know 🙂

yayy :-)

August 17, 2009

got my laptop back and everything installed.  just gotta build my picture library back up and I will start working again asap. I didn’t abandon the site and I will probably work on one tonight. thanks 🙂

hiatus :-(

July 9, 2009

on a small hiatus for a little while.  my laptop crashed 😦  I brought it to be fixed today so I should have it back in a few weeks…

I already have lots of new material for some wallpapers so as soon as I get my laptop and photoshop back I’ll get on that 🙂

– Allie


June 11, 2009


very unoriginal and boring…I was bored.